Red army 1943-45 Mk.43 - 2nd Battalion; 761st Rifle regiment; 317th Rifle division; 18th Guard rifle brigade; 53rd Army; 2nd Ukraine front.
Rudá armáda

Rudá armáda

Red army 1941 a 1942 - Mk.35 a Mk.41
Rudá armáda

Examples of russian uniforms of wwII

US-army 1944-1945 - infantry, M41 and M43
US Army
Examples of american uniforms of WWII (in czech language)

Cossacks – 4th batalion, Great war

Cossacks uniforms (document in czech language)

31st foot regiment ARCO - Jihlava (1st Czech republic 1938)

Czechoslovak army brigade in Soviet union, time period 1945

CS Legion in Russia, time period 1917-1918