Members of the military history club KVH ARCO Jihlava-Brno have available this functional historical guns:

Bolt action rifles: Mosin-Nagant Mk. 1891, Mosin Mk.1944, Mosin Mk. 38, CZ Mk.24, Mauser 98
Self loading rifles: SVT-40 Tokarev, SKS Simonov, vz.58, M1 Garand
Submachine guns: PPS 41 – Spagin, PPS 43 – Sudajev, MP40, Bergman MP28, PPD 40, M3 Grease Gun, Stengun, Thompson M 1928, Thompson M1 A1
Pistols: Colt 1911, Husqvarna M40, Tokarev TT33, Browning HP35, Luger P08 Parabellum, Browning FN 1906, russian signal pistols
Revolvers: Nagant Mk. 1895

Club members have another historical un-functional guns for battle reconstruction use and filming.
All guns owners meet all the necessary conditions and they have all the necessary permission for holding and manipulation with guns according to the valid legislation.

!!! Upon agreement, we can help in the repair and refurbishment of Soviet motorcycles M-72, K-750, Dnepr MT-11, etc. in the case of delivery of parts, to perform the entire overhaul, based on the experience of many years of using these machines. !!!

The military history club can use to perform following vehicles for battle reconstruction use and filming in case of organizer interest:

WWII Russian motorcycle M-72 with sidecar and machinegun DP-27 (it is possible to manage four that motorbikes)
M-72 M-72 M-72

WWII German motorcycle Zündapp KS 600 with sidecar
Zundapp KS 600

WWII German motorcycle DKW 350
DKW 350

Dodge WC52 - american war 3/4t truck

Photogalery - M-72 motorcycle renovation
Article about M-72 motorcycles (in czech language)
Technical data of motorbike M-72 (in czech language)

The member of club built light bunker replika.
Photogalery building Lo. vz.36